Importation and Exportation



TRADEMUND GENERAL S.L. holding, briefly named TRADEMUND, is a complex has been formed in the Barcelona, Spanish to pursue aligned goals to accelerate and facilitate trade, whether exports and imports from the European Union to the world, marketing, investment, construction, tourism, immigration, cultural and sport activity.

Nowadays, when it comes to price, quality, after-sales service, familiarity with the local market of each region and country, and having enough information on commerce, only companies and individuals can succeed in addressing these issues.

Trademund relies on hard work and years of efforts has established strong relationships in different countries and is ready to provide services by connecting with hundreds of manufacturing plants, trading and investment companies, and relying on its many years of information and experience on world trade and investment.


Via Augusta, 357-359
Zip: 08017
Barcelona, Spain

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Saturday: 11:00AM–2:00PM


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